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Summer of Sharks

Extended through Sept 24
Shark 7 5 | SEA LIFE Aquarium

Come Face to Fin with over a dozen species of sharks!

Take a step closer to understanding the ocean's most notorious predators, SHARKS! Stare down giant sharks as they glide overhead inside the 500,000 gallon Shark Cove.  Seek out over a dozen different species from the shaggy bearded wobbegong to 9 foot sand tiger sharks using our NEW Shark Spotter guide.

  • Discover what's myth or fact following a trail of crazy shark facts
  • Explore the Shark Activity Zone (crafts included while supplies last)
  • Touch a variety of shark-tifacts and snap a jaw-esome photo op
  • Complete your Shark Spotter to receive a sharktacular sticker

Summer of Sharks event is included in General Admission.

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