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Meet our 13 unique species of shark

  • Wednesday 4th March 2020
  • Sharks

Grey Nurse Shark And Tunnel

Discover Australia's largest variety of shark species

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is home for 13 unique species of sharks!

From our GIANT Grey Nurse Sharks to our local Port Jackson Sharks there is always a fun fact or two to learn about these misunderstood creatures. Here are 6 of our most JAW-some facts on some of our shark species: 

Blacktip reef shark

1. Blacktip Reef Sharks are viviparous, which means they produce live pups, not eggs.

2. Bamboo shark lay eggs around 11 cm by 5 cm and are commonly called 'mermaid's purses' because they look like a little purse.

sharks of the reef

3. Grey Nurse Shark's can grow up to 3.6 m in length!

4. By pumping water across their gills, Port Jackson Sharks don't need to move to 'breathe' like most other sharks!

5. Epaulette sharks can walk! They use their fins like little feet to crawl along reefs in really shallow environments. 

wobbegong shark

6. Wobbegong means 'shaggy beard' in the Aboriginal language. Wobbegong sharks are named this because they look like they have a beard.​

Discover more about these mysterious creatures right here at SEA LIFE Sydney and become a shark expert! 

Can you spot all 13 species? 

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