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Sydney must-do’s

  • Tuesday 30th July 2019
  • Sydney

Interactive Projection Lightshows Showcase The Rare Phenomenon Of Coral Spawning

Wondering what to do in Sydney, that’s cheap and cheery? Nature, culture and wildlife – this fun and epic list has it all. It’s also full of kids activities in Sydney. How many can you tick off?

  1. Well, we gotta start high. 250 metres high! See all of Sydney sparkling from the city’s tallest building.
  2. Picnic away and let the kids make a ruckus at the harbourside, Piramma Park; the sweet scenic spot between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge.
  3. Befriend the Australian native fishies who call Sydney Harbour their home. From silvery stripes to strange-looking sharks!
  4. Then meet the human legends who helped make Australia the country it is today.
  5. You haven’t been to Sydney if you haven’t walked the jaw-dropping coastline from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. Remember to slip, slop, slap, and pack your swimmers.
  6. For a genuinely iconic ride, catch a ferry from Circular Quay to Manly; can you believe this is the daily commute for many locals?
  7. Sydneysiders are morning people, so make like a local and swim at Bronte’s natural pools. It’s exceptionally beautiful during sunrise.
  8. Snorkelling with kids at the calm oasis of Balmoral is an unforgettable family experience.
  9. While in Balmoral, don’t miss munching on a big colourful bowl of bircher muesli with fresh fruit; like a warm hug from Grandpa.
  10. What about feasting your eyes on 13,000 spectacular sea creatures swimming all around you?
  11. Here between May and November? Watch one of the 10,000 migrating whales that travel from Antarctica to North Queensland, stopping by in Sydney!
  12. But all year round, don’t forget to see the five iconic Australian animals in the heart of the city.
  13. Then immerse yourself in an enchanting replica of the Daintree Rainforest.
  14. Why not check out the world’s largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit? Walk across bioluminescent beaches, witness the phenomenon of coral spawning and journey through jellyfish swarms!
  15. Connect with the incredible, beautiful and ancient Aboriginal culture and sample some bush foods too.
  16. Marvel at blooms looking their best at all different times of the year at the Royal Botanic Gardens.
  17. Or take a walk through a gorgeous garden with a beautiful love story.
  18. Let Messina steal your heart with their delicious, locally-made gelato.
  19. But will sweets make you happier than the happy feet of cute penguins? Put on the provided snow gear and hop aboard a sub-Antarctic expedition. See these cheeky birds waddling, slipping, and sliding right by your feet. No, you’re not in Antartica. You’re in Sydney’s CBD!
  20. For local family-friendly market vibes, mark down the Marrickville Organic Food & Farmers Markets. Pony rides and babycinos are all part of the fun.
  21. For a truly unforgettable meal, how about a family Breakfast with The Koalas?
  22. Soar through the sky. Just casually.
  23. Then walk between the canopies of Australian bushland. 
  24. The locals will tell you Sydney also extends beyond the city. So, get outta town for the day and conquer family-friendly bushwalking tracks in The Blue Mountains.
  25. While you’re at it, chase some serene waterfalls.