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Get some penguin wisdom

  • Tuesday 30th July 2019
  • Penguins

penguin waddling on ice

Hi featherless friends, Steven’s the name! I might be a small penguin, but I’ve got some big words of wisdom to share. If you’re looking for kids activities in Sydney, these penguin facts will prove we’re one of the best animals to see in Australia. Who says I’m biased?


’Til Death Do We Part

If us Little penguins have a successful breeding season the year before, we’re likely to return to the same partner the next year. It means we get to know each other well; like recognising one another’s distinct cry among hundreds of others. Ah, their voice. It’s home! Plus, think of all the accumulated memories through the winter highs and blizzard lows. Security is nice, humans.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Talking about security, many of us are loyal to our exact nesting site. We might travel across the seas, but we eventually come back to where we were born. Ah, this comfy stretch of familiar ice. See the world! Explore, explorers! But don’t forget your roots because there’s no place like home.

Communities Make Us Happy

Most penguins breed in large colonies of up to a thousand birds. We all want to belong, and togetherness is key. Huddling together also helps keep us warm and protects us during windy times. Happy neighbourhood, happy feet!

Do Daily Self-care

Well, in penguin world, if you look good, you survive well. Us feathered folk are slickly handsome and all, but this takes daily preening. Many of us need to groom our feathers to maintain their water-and-wind-proofing abilities. Hey, it might even help with the lady birds too. Hygiene and confidence are key, fellow two-legged friends. Even if you live in the coldest place on earth.

Mums and Dads Can Play Different Roles

Some really cool male penguins incubate the eggs while females leave to hunt for weeks at a time. And that’s not all. Have you met my buddies Sphen and Magic, the same-sex penguin couple? They’re inseparable! See, different Mummies and Daddies all over the world take care of their fabulous families.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Some of us are diving into the ocean to depths of 100 metres… when we’re only five months old! It’s super scary, but we have to challenge ourselves to grow, trust our instincts and take the plunge. We can’t survive solely on land; magic (yummy fish and jellies and stuff) lies a little outside our safe grounds.

Find Your True Strengths

The penguin race wouldn’t survive if all we did was try to fly! There’s no point feeling insecure about our flightlessness, because the fact is, we’re like flippered aerodynamic rockets underwater. Some penguins can swim up to 35km/hr! That’s about six times faster than the average swimming human. We all have unique talents, what’s yours?

Want to learn more? Hop on board the penguin expedition ride at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, and meet my penguin posse: well-groomed George, bubbly Genie, and Nog with his funny waddle.

Love from the happiest feet of them all,