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Baby Wobbegongs

  • Thursday 22nd March 2012
  • Sharks

JCP IMG 2039 2017 10 03

Has anybody ever told you "you lie like a carpet"?

Well, that's certainly true of our nine new baby wobbegongs - or carpet sharks - a fitting name given their propensity to sit at the bottom of the ocean waiting for food.

After being born at just the size of a hand, the new babies have now been released onto display at Sydney Aquarium, having reached a healthy 1 foot long - and well on their way to reaching their full size of over 3 meters.

Now big enough to meet the public, the cute little wobbys can be seen enjoying their new home just across from the Shark Nursery and chomping on the odd bit of fish or squid tentacle.

New baby wobbegongs are just one of the exciting things to see during Shark Month at Sydney Aquarium, which brings you more jaws than ever before - more shark talks; the chance to see big sharks from the surface for the first time; and watch shark feeds from the Glass Bottom Boat!



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