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Celebrities visit Pig the Dugong in lockdown

  • Thursday 2nd September 2021
  • Dugongs

Celebrities Visit Pig The Dugong

This morning, Pig the Dugong received a surprise visit from Lady Gaga, Albert Einstein, and Zendaya, as the three stars took a short trip from their usual residence at Madame Tussauds to visit the lovable Dugong next door at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is temporarily closed, and Pig, who usually thrives from seeing thousands of guests walk through the tunnels each week is receiving enrichment activity in new and challenging ways to ensure he’s kept stimulated. 

Emma Malik, Animal Trainer at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, said, “Pig really enjoys interacting with people and he’s intelligent enough to recognise individuals and faces. With the aquarium now being closed to the public for 10 weeks, Pig’s not seeing the usual variety of visitors and we thought we could fix that with a visit from a few stars!

“The celebrity visitors certainly piqued Pig’s interest and he was very curious in the stars. Despite Lady Gaga’s colourful ensemble, Pig was far more interested in Albert Einstein – we think it might be because he resembles one of his previous carers!” added Emma.

As part of Pig’s daily husbandry care, the Dugong team organise a range of enrichment activities – including physical exercise, mental challenges, games, and the introduction of new toys.

Ladygaga Vistspig Thedugong SEA LIFE Sydney

In line with the NSW Government restrictions, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussauds Sydney remain temporarily closed until Wed 30th September, but the dedicated staff continues to work to care for all the amazing animals and look forward to welcoming guests back when the doors are open.

Einstein Close Up Vists Pig The Dugong SEA LIFE Sydneyaquarium

More about our Dugong, Pig:

Pig is a 300Kg dugong. He was named after the colloquial term ‘Sea Pig’ used to describe dugongs and his affectionate name suits him perfectly due to his messy eating habits and big appetite. Pig is one of only two dugongs in human care in the world and has called SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium home since late 2008. Pig was rescued from Forrest Beach in North Queensland when he became separated from his mother at a very young age. After a period of rehabilitation, Pig was released back into the wild. However, when he was found on a beach again, the decision was made not to re-release him for fears that he wouldn’t survive.

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