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Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day

  • Thursday 1st August 2019
  • Sydney, Events

Vday China

To celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day, we are inviting guests to capture a special memory at pop-up displays in attraction between 1st and 14th August.

Also known as ‘QiXi Festival’, Chinese Valentine’s Day takes place every year on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. This year, the occasion falls on the 7th August and we are celebrating love with the perfect backdrop to capture a special photo with (or for!) a loved one! 

Located next to the sub-Antarctic Penguin Exhibit, penguins are the focus of the love wall, as they are experts at winning the hearts of their loved ones. Traditionally, during nesting season, male Gentoo penguins search for the most beautiful and smooth pebble to bring back to the special someone they are trying to woo. The hope is that they will then build a nest together.  In the penguin world, once a match is made between two love birds, they tend to stay loyal for life. The love of penguins has been captured on a large mural under a neon ‘love’ sign for guests to enjoy. Breeding season falls in mid-August, during which guests to the aquarium will have the special opportunity to witness our penguins pairing up and building nests.

After you have cuddle up to our adorable King Penguins, guests are encouraged to head next door to Madame Tussauds Sydney, pick a sign and get up close and personal, posing with one of the world’s most famous and in love couples, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Meghan and Harry - who are the newest figures to have been revealed as part of the Royal Experience.