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Conservation Evenings

Dive deeper into the under water world with this after hours charity event series

What are Conservation Evenings?

The perfect evening for ocean lovers!

Join our Conservation Evenings for a unique opportunity where guests with a deep love for marine life can delve into the remarkable efforts of SEA LIFE, the SEA LIFE Trust, and local charities dedicated to safeguarding the future of our seas.

Guests will have the chance to walk through the beginning of aquarium after closure, before embarking on an intimate and educational evening discovering more about the beating heart of the oceans.


Join us for 'Seahorses & Seagrass'

This Tuesday 21st May, join us for engaging discussions on the topic of 'Seahorses & Seagrass'. Dive into the world of conservation with two experts:

Speaker 1: Mark Parry

Mark Parry is the Head of Ocean Habitat Restoration at the Ocean Conservation Trust. He will take us on a journey through the amazing work being done by Community Seagrass Initiative Project, a citizen science project designed to monitor and safeguard seagrass beds in the South West of England

Speaker 2: Chris Brown

Chris Brown is the Global Head of Conservation, Science and Education at SEA LIFE. He will be speaking to us about the great work being done by SEA LIFE to conserve seahorses both in the UK and further afield, giving us a rundown on the conservation efforts in Sydney regarding the White’s seahorse and in Weymouth surveying our native seagrass beds.

If you're an ocean lover and keen to learn more about conservation in the wild, this is a great night for you.

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Join us for 'Turtles & Terrapins'

This Tuesday 18th June, join us for engaging discussions on the topic of 'Turtles & Terrapins'.

We will dive into the world of Terrapins with the team from Turtle Tally UK, the citizen science project aimed at collecting data, from the public, on the locations where terrapins are spotted in local lakes and ponds around the UK! 

If you're a turtle lover, this is a great night for you.

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Upcoming Events

We have lots of engaging conservation evenings planned for 2024. See below for the upcoming events: 

  • 21st May 2024: Seagrass & Seahorses
  • 18th June 2024: Turtles & Terrapins
  • 13th August 2024:Penguins & Puffins 
  • 15th October 2024: Donation Tales 
  • 3rd December 2024: Sharks & Rays 

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Perfect for ocean lovers

  • Dive deeper into the marine world
  • Educational evening filled with talks on conservation and marine topics
  • After hours access to the Ocean display at SEA LIFE London for an exclusive event

Conservation evenings