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Rainforest Adventure

Adventure awaits... Explore. Discover. Protect.

  • 20th July - 1st Sep
  • SEA LIFE, Rainforest Adventure
  • Perfect for families
Get ready to explore, discover and protect

Go on an adventure this summer!

This is a journey into a lush diverse rainforest, here we will see incredible creatures, get hands on with interactive exhibits and see the rainforest in ways you haven’t experienced it before.

You will solve clues that reveal important environmental messages, marvel at the rainforest’s biodiversity, and become part of an expedition that celebrates the wonders of the animal kingdom.

We are heading into the heart of the rainforest where we will merge fun with discovery and develop a commitment to conservation.

Are you ready?

Ben Fogle Rainforestbg Web

Meet Explorer Ben Fogle!

New this summer, meet Explorer Ben Fogle on your journey through the rainforest!

While you're exploring, look out for animal tracks, some amazing creatures and his Rainforest notes, which will help explain how we all need to work together to make sure Rainforests survive!

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Grab your activity sssssssheet!

This summer, be ssssure to pick up your adventure activity sheet as your journey through the rainforest! Can you count the leaf cutter ants? How many scales can you see on the green tree snake? 

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Ticket information

  • Entry at your chosen 15-minute time slot
  • Discover species from around the world in 14 themed zones and interact with them at our public feeding, diving displays and touch pools

Ticket information

  • Arrive at any time on the day of your choice

About the experience

  • Arrive at any time on the day of your choice
  • Enjoy an immersive SEA LIFE virtual reality experience
  • Plus an exclusive mission pack or guidebook