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5 Interesting Facts About Octopus

  • Thursday 2nd February 2023

Octopus Vulgaris

Octopuses are some of the most intriguing creatures in the sea, and yet many people know little to nothing about them. We wanted to share a few top facts about these underwater mysteries so you can find out just how cool they really are. So water you waiting for, dive on in!

  1. A lot of love to give!

Octopuses have not one, not two but three hearts! All three of these hearts are located in the Octopuses head. One central heart pumps blood to the body and the two others work to circulate blood to the gills.

  1. It’s what colour?

Octopus blood is actually blue not red! This is because their blood is copper based rather than iron based like humans.

  1. Many species!

There are around 300 different species of octopus in the seas, and they can be found in all oceans across the world. The Common Octopus can be spotted in waters around the UK but is more commonly found in the Mediterranean and in warmer waters around the Atlantic.

  1. Now you see me, now you don’t

Octopuses are masters of disguise and have some amazing tricks to hide from predators. They have the ability to match colours, patterns and even textures of their surroundings to ensure they remain hidden.

common octopus at sea life london

  1. Squeeze!

No nook or cranny is too small for an octopus to fit through. Their soft bodies mean they can fit into all kinds of spaces as long as it is smaller than their beak. This allows some smart escapes!

  1. They are part of a larger family

Octopuses are part of the cephalopod family. Squid and cuttlefish are also members of this group. ‘Cephalopod’ is actually a Greek term meaning ‘head-foot’. This works perfectly for these creatures as their limbs are attached directly to their head.


Now that you know just how unique these creatures are, why not splash into SEA LIFE London Aquarium to see one in real life!

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