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Aqua Nights: All Things Sharks and Rays

  • Friday 6th January 2023

Black Tip Shark

Whether you love them, fear them or are intrigued by them, you can't deny that Sharks and Rays are some of the most majestic creatures. They have swam through the world's oceans for millions of years and even out lived the dinosaurs! 

If you are a fan of sharks and rays, or maybe just a little curious about these creatures then this event is for you!

For one night only, on Wednesday 8th February, SEA LIFE London Aquarium is hosting the second of the 'Aqua Nights' series, this time featuring the iconic Shark and Ray family, 'Aqua Nights: All Things Sharks and Rays'. This is the perfect evening for marine lovers. 

Guests will have the chance to walk through the Shark and Ray displays after closure, before embarking on an intimate and educational evening discovering more about the beating heart of the oceans. The evening will include: 

  • A presentation with Bex Carter, the Director of Operations for the Manta Trust on the work the Trust is doing to support Rays in the wild. 
  • A talk showcasing the unique Cownose Ray species with SEA LIFE London Aquarium's resident ray expert, Ashley Atkins.
  • A presentation from Paul Cox, the CEO of the Shark Trust on the charity's commitment to forging a better future for sharks and rays. 

Event Details: 

  • Date: 8th February 2023
  • Time: 18:30 – 20:30.
  • Price: Entry is free with a recommended donation upon arrival of £5
  • Non alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase



All proceeds from the event will go towards the SEA LIFE Trust, Shark Trust and Manta Trust.

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Undulate Ray

*Spaces are limited 

About the SEA LIFE Trust:

The SEA LIFE Trust is a charity that works globally to protect the world’s oceans and the amazing marine life that lives within them. The SEA LIFE trust’s vision is of a world where or seas are healthy, protect and full of diverse life. Find out more here

About the Manta Trust: 

The Manta Trust is a UK registered charity formed in 2011 by marine biologist Dr Guy Stevens, and National Geographic photographer Thomas P. Peschak, to coordinate global mobulid research and conservation efforts.

Manta and devil rays, known collectively as mobulids, are among the most beautiful, captivating and enigmatic creatures in our oceans. With the largest brain of all fish, their intelligence and curiosity make encounters with these animals a truly amazing experience. Despite their popularity with divers and snorkelers, many aspects of their lives remain a mystery. More worryingly, targeted and bycatch fisheries for these animals have had devastating impacts on populations around the world, resulting in all mobulid species being listed as Vulnerable or Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The Manta Trust’s global network spans over 23 countries and is comprised of a diverse group of researchers, scientists, conservationists, educators and media experts; working together to share and promote knowledge and expertise. Find out more here

About the Shark Trust: 

Over the last 25 years, the Shark Trust has been committed to forging a better future for sharks and rays. The Trust has its fingerprints on many of the most vital advances in global shark conservation, whether protecting threatened species, clamping down on finning, controlling excessive fisheries or educating the public. At its core, the Shark Trust is passionate about working in partnership, getting people involved and harnessing the power of collective action. 

With progress in shark conservation reliant on science, data is vital. Citizen science projects enable divers and water users to gather and make use of sightings. If you spot a shark or ray, don’t let the experience go to waste, you can record your sighting or take part in the annual Great Shark Snapshot on the Citizen Science website. 

And it’s not just sightings that can be put to good use. You can use your voice. The Trust’s Big Shark Pledge allows you to register your support for oceanic sharks and become part of a community for change. To join the movement and find out more visit the website