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It's a wonderful SEA LIFE!

  • Friday 22nd December 2023


Work doesn’t stop at the 11 SEA LIFE centres across the UK over the festive SEAson as the attractions give a behind-the-scenes look at how their creatures are cared for on Christmas Day


Whilst the nation is at home tucking into their turkey on Christmas Day, the work doesn’t stop for the team of Aquarists at the 11 SEA LIFE Aquariums across the UK. Ahead of 25 December, the attractions have given a behind-the-scenes glimpse into some of the work the teams will be doing to spread festive cheer amongst the creatures on the big day. 

Yuletide starts early as the first activity of the day is giving the creatures their festive feasts. Although contentious amongst humans, Brussel sprouts are on the menu for Loch Lomond's adorable otters and SEA LIFE London Aquarium’s green sea turtles, who will both be diving headfirst into the Christmas staple. It will then be time for season’s greetings in the Rainforest Adventure zone where the terrapins who call the London Aquarium home will be treated to their version of the traditional Christmas Pudding made from delicious herbivore pellets with grapes and bok choy as garnish.    


In preparation for the big day, stockings have been hung with care in Birmingham, ready to be filled with fishy delights for their penguins. In London, the Gentoo colony will have their gifts hand delivered by their very own Father Christmas. The presents, which include playful toys, will be gifted to the newly named Daley, in honour of Olympic diver Tom Daley OBE, and his Gentoo friends to help with their enrichment over the Christmas season.  

It's not only SEA LIFE’s penguin colonies that will be p-p-picking up presents this Christmas. Not to be left out, Scarborough’s seals will be in for a festive surprise with their own specially prepared Christmas goodies. 

SEA LIFE Birmingham Penguin Stocking

The fun won’t stop there as to ensure the creatures don’t miss out on their usual interaction with guests, the team will don their Santa wetsuits to spread some festive cheer among the residents of London’s Ocean tank, whilst in Birmingham Santa and his Elf will be on hand to deliver presents to those fishy residents who are on this year’s nice list.

General Manager at SEA LIFE London Aquarium Catherine Pritchard said: “Looking after the animals in our care is an all-year-round job, and Christmas Day is no different to any other. So, whilst the majority of us are unwrapping presents and tucking into turkey, our team of expert aquarists will be on hand across the country to ensure our wonderful creatures are fed, looked after and given their own unique treats to join in the festivities of the season.”  

SEA LIFE Loch Lomond Lily, Pickle & Cub Tuck Into A Festive Feast

SEA LIFE centres globally care for more than 160,000 animals and more than 4,000 different species. The teams look after ethical sourcing, scientific research, rehoming and rescues, and breeding programmes. Every year, they breed more than 3,500 animals, rescue around 200 seals and turtles and release more than 150 animals into the wild. The teams’ work has a positive long-term impact on the conservation of threatened species.