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October Half Term 2019

  • Sunday 17th September 2017

Jellyfish Witch

Come down to SEA LIFE London to meet some truly bizarre jellified creatures! Enter the stinging world of the Ocean Invaders where twice daily, you will be met by a spooky Jellyfish-witch who will tell you all you ever wanted to know about the stingers of the deep.

Make your friends jealous with special glow in the dark jellyfish pop badges. We will be giving away 1 with every £10 spent in the giftshop, but hurry – they’re limited edition!

Looking for something a little bit creepier?  

For those that are feeling braver, we are offering the chance for you to get even closer to creatures of the deep. The popular Snorkelling with Sharks experience at SEA LIFE London is undergoing a seasonal twist, offering would-be divers the chance to go face to fin with over 15 magnificent sharks – IN THE DARK. Nowhere else in London can you get this close to magnificent sea creatures and get the experience of a lifetime!

The limited time only experience will see participants submerged beneath the water in a mesh divers net as the lights are dimmed to an eerie red, a spectrum of light invisible to sharks. A transparent perspex floor will give participants clear views right to the bottom of the 5m deep display where over 15 magnificent sharks reside.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get close to the greatest creatures of the ocean at night! Book now for just £175pp.