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Waddle In To Meet Our Newest Residents

  • Tuesday 31st October 2017

Waddie Gentoo Penguin

We've welcomed Gentoo penguins to their specially designed new home at Penguin Point. The playful penguins came from SEA LIFE Birmingham to join the existing birds in the hope that love will flourish and the colony will begin to pair up and breed.

With a wider range of ages from two to twenty-two years, the Brummie birds will bring a little more experience to the colony, which previously has been made up of slightly younger feathery inhabitants. The new arrivals’ age range is reflective of the structure of Gentoo colonies in the wild and it is hoped that the introduction of the new, more mature penguins will encourage breeding in our aquarium. The expert aquarist team will be listening out for the pitter patter of tiny penguin feet in the New Year!

Gentoo penguins have Near Threatened status in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species so the birds at SEA LIFE London play a critical role in marine conservation. As well as being one of the most popular creatures with visitors, the resident penguins are ambassadors for Falklands Conservation, whom SEA LIFE London Aquarium are active supporters of.

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