Rescuing Ocean

Meet Seemore, Our Rescued Green Sea Turtle

Seemore came to SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium in February of 2011, after being rescued from a turtle hospital in Florida.

The 100-pound sea turtle represents the dangerous effects of humans on the environment; Seemore's shell was damaged by boat propellers which causes its posterior to bob at the surface of the water.

Because she can’t dive for food or find safety, Seemore cannot return to the wild. To remedy the problem, SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium’s animal care staff has attached weights to her shell to counteract the flotation problem and allow this Green Sea Turtle to swim normally.

As you walk through the Aquarium, keep your eyes open for the Green Sea Turtle with a large, white weight plastered to its shell. Seemore is currently swimming through SEA LIFE Minnesota's Rainbow Reef exhibit, within the 300ft long ocean tunnel!