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PreK - 5th Grade Programs

Students can learn what is required of a habitat to be a good home for an animal. Explore the need for food, water, shelter, air, and space/territory in both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Then, take a deeper look into various marine habitats and the life that dwells within them.
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Homes in the Sea : Habitats

Students will learn how animals adapt to thrive in a watery world. Explore unique animal characteristics such as fins, scales, gills, lateral lines of fish, and electrical reception, which can enable animals to be successful in water.
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Survival at Sea : Animal Adaptations

A class that focuses on food chains, food webs, and predator/prey relationships. Students will take a look into what animals eat, how they eat, and what eats them. Additionally, they will study the complexities of the food chain, and how every animal depends on it for existence.
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What's for Lunch : Food Chains

Students will learn about special adaptations that rays have and will also be introduced to the various ray species here at SEA LIFE Minnesota and around the world. Everyone will then get an opportunity to meet the rays at our new Stingray Adventure!
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From Ray to Z

Middle School & High School Programs

Take a deeper look into career paths and job opportunities within the aquarium and zoo industry, and learn how having a marine science career can have an impact on conservation and wildlife efforts. Learn how Marine Science Careers involve more than just animal husbandry, and how many jobs in an aquarium setting are deeply rooted in education, veterinary medicine, and research efforts.

Marine Science Careers

Learn what pollutants are effecting on the world’s oceans from garbage and plastics, to chemicals and effluents, and even oil spills. Students will use deductive reasoning and creative thinking to come up with effective ways to clean up our seas and analyze conservation efforts worldwide.

Ocean Conservation

Study the 6 senses of sharks, in comparison to the 5 senses of humans. When it comes to sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, who is better…. humans or sharks? Then, discover the 6th sense that sharks possess, and learn how it enables them to be a top predator in the sea!

Sensational Senses

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