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Autumn in Sydney!

  • Tuesday 10th March 2020
  • Sydney

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Sydney is famous for its summers, but it’s a beautiful city year ‘round. If you’re visiting in autumn, here are some things to do.

 Sydney Comedy Festival

‘Craugh.’ Laugh until you cry. Craugh your way through the Sydney Comedy Festival, which happens every autumn in Sydney. International headliners, local up-and-comers and legends with decades of witty one-liners tucked into their proverbial belts. See them all, love most of them – maybe even heckle a few, but hey, they’ll get you thinking. With powerful storytelling at the core of modern comedy, you might even cry for real – then bam! They’ll slay you with another joke, and you’ll craugh ‘til the cows come home. Various venues across the city and suburbs. Pack water-proof mascara.

Mardi Gras Parade

Speaking of eyelashes, you’ll need falsies for this event. The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade is the pinnacle of a month-long festival; a must-see. Vibrant lights, tights and glitter at every turn. Highly-decorated floats are ringed by thousands of marchers, dancers, motorbikes and more, making their way up Oxford Street, the beating heart of Sydney’s LGBTI community. Be early for a spot by the barrier and watch as the exciting spectacle passes by. Remember, with the spectacle comes respect. This parade began many years ago as a protest march, and the community has fought hard for equal rights ever since. Where: Darlinghurst, from the bottom of Oxford Street, up ANZAC Parade to Moore Park. Pack your fabulousness.

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Nothing elicits as many high-pitched squeals as the promise of easter eggs hidden in the garden. And when that garden is Centennial Parklands, and there are hundreds of eggs, be prepared for a cacophony. The Great Easter Egg Hunt happens over the Easter weekend, and it’s a whole bunch of fun. There’s also an educational aspect, with children learning about the Australian animals that lay eggs, from lizards to echidnas. The activity route takes about half an hour to finish. Pack a recyclable bag or basket to carry your chocolate goodies home.

Underwater Worlds

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is a magnet for families, and the exhibits are changing all the time. See the column-shaped tanks of the jellyfish exhibit, with jellyfish floating like living lava lamps. Experience the Great Barrier Reef and the underwater tunnels where you can look up at sharks, huge fish, stingrays and the occasional dugong! For a more intense experience, step out onto the ice with Gentoo and King Penguins or take the plunge with Shark Dive Xtreme. It’s one of the most interesting things to do in Sydney – and autumn is the perfect time of year to visit, as the crowds have dissipated. Pack your sense of awe and wonder.

Falling for You

While most Australian trees are evergreen, there are many exotic deciduous species, dropping their leaves each autumn. The rust-orange and yellow colours are remarkable against the blazing blue of the Sydney sky. Head to the Royal Botanic Gardens, hugging the foreshore southeast of the Sydney Opera House. Or visit Auburn or Mount Annan Botanic Gardens, deep in the southwestern suburbs. And to the northwest, consider Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens. While bushfires decimated the area, the gardens survived and are stunning against the rising peaks of the Blue Mountains. Pack your camera.