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The Most Popular Animals at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

  • Friday 27th April 2018
  • Sydney

Reta the Gentoo Penguin at SEA LIFE Sydney

What do Dugongs, Sharks and Penguins have in common? They're SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's favourite animals! Here’s why we think they're so loved...

Dugongs - Lady of the Sea

Do you know where the stories of the mythical mermaid came from? Yes - it was dugongs!

Dugongs were often mistaken for humans (with tails) from afar by sailors across many different cultures, who would see them rise out of the sea, just like the alluring sirens recorded in Greek mythology.  

We love taking time out to walk through the Sydney SEA LIFE Dugong Island tunnels to spot our resident dugong, Pig, who was rescued in North Queensland. Unlike other sea mammals, dugongs are herbivores. Their diet solely consists of sea grass, of which they eat 60-80kgs every day! 

Sharks - King of the Ocean

Why are we so afraid of sharks but equally as fascinated by them? Some people are even excited to dive into the water with them in our Sydney Shark Dive Xtreme experience! One might think that they are simply crazy, but there is an interesting explanation for wanting to get so close.

Our primal instinct tells us that sharks are dangerous. They will chase us and eat us if we don’t manage to get away - that’s what the movies always portray anyway, right? So our theory why SEA LIFE sharks are so popular is the thrill! How close would you dare to get? 

If diving with them is not your cup of tea, take a walk through the glass tunnels in Shark Valley to see them swim all around you, while you stay nice and dry (and safely away from any teeth). 

Our Rays of Sunshine

There is something mesmerising about the way stingrays shuffle along the ocean floor and wave through the water as they swim. But, we truly believe that our visitors love these glorious creatures so much for a the very simple fact that - they always look SO happy!

Smiling stingray at SEA LIFE Aquarium Sydney

While a smiling face is certainly infectious, they are so much more than a pretty face. Check out these interes-sting facts:

  • Stingrays don’t use their eyes to find prey. Because their eyes are on top of their bodies, they use electro-sensors to locate their next meal.
  • Stingrays have no bones in their body. Their skeleton is made up of flexible cartilage - the bendy stuff that your ears and nose are made from.
  • Stingrays can have 2-6 babies a year, each which can live 15-25 years in the wild.

Penguins - Coolest kids on the block

There’s a very good reason why there are so many kids movies about penguins - because they are loved by everyone! Heck, they are so popular at our Aquarium that they even star in their own show “The Real Penguins of Sydney”.

Staying Cool with Gentoo Penguins at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

But why do we love them so much? Well, here’s some cute and interesting facts about the beloved penguin:

  • Penguins have the cutest walk in the world. Ever! They have knees you know, but they don’t use them. This is what makes them waddle so adorably!
  • The largest species is the Emporer penguin that can grow up to 1.2m tall
  • The smallest species is the Little Blue Penguin, who stand at just 40cm

Check out our SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium map to discover all the animals and where you'll find them at our aquarium. Is your favourite there?

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