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An Unexpected Penguin Encounter

  • Thursday 10th April 2014

A few weeks ago, we had two Penguin Discovery customers, Paul and Damien. Damien was visiting from Ireland and absolutely loves penguins. In the words of Michelle, a member of the Kelly Tarlton's bird department, here's what happened when Damien met Wally, one of our King Penguins:


Everything went as usual, until Wally came over... What Wally proceeded to do made me crack up and also shocked me a little and I had never seen anything like it. Wally fell in love with Damien and spent the whole time standing right up against him preening him! Wally was very gentle, no aggression, just stood there the whole time preening his whole back, up to his shoulders. It was quite strange :) He later tried to push through the two customers and we have a few photos of him poking his head through. We all thought it was quite funny. I told the customer that I have never seen that behaviour in a King before and I think that made it more special for him.


We've never seen that happen before, and we certainly can't guarantee it will happen again, but if you're like Damien and love penguins, why not book a Penguin Discovery - even if there's no close encounter with Wally, it will definitely be a magical experience.