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  • SEA LIFE, Turtle Rescue Centre
A Green Sea Turtle

Our turtle species

Of the seven marine turtle species, 5 are found in New Zealand waters they are either endangered or critically endangered. Experiences like Turtle Rescue help educate the broader public on how their behavior in and around the water can impact local marine life.

Current patients recovering at our Turtle Hospital



Abbey is a sub-adult with a shell size of 62cm.  Abbey came to us with a large wound on one of her flippers. Unfortunately, the bone became infected and the flipper had to be amputated to stop the infection from spreading. Abbey is currently recovering in Turtle Bay and, pending veterinary checks, will be released back to the wild despite her missing flipper.

Abbey is rehabilitating at our Turtle Bay at the moment.

Some of our past patients at our Turtle Hospital

Taka 19112021

Taka is an Eastern Pacific green turtles are also referred to as black sea turtles and native to waters near Costa Rica and the Galápagos Islands, which means Taka is a long way from home! This species is classified as endangered, with populations decreasing due to overfishing and plastic pollution.

Taka was found at Takapuna Beach in May 2020, he was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and low body temperature.

Taka was released at the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve in April 2022. Find out about the release here

Loggerhead Turtle And Green Sea Turtle Calvin


This juvenile loggerhead was found washed up on Muriwai Beach with a bad lung infection in October 2019. Luckily, with the help of the Department of Conservation and Auckland Zoo, we have been able to clear up this infection, and gain an impressive 13kgs ahead of his release.

Kibou was released in March 2021. Find out about the release here

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