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KT STS Shark High Res

Sand Tiger Shark

The largest species of shark we have here at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's is the Sand Tiger Shark - also know as the Grey Nurse Shark. These amazing animals can be found in the sub-tropical and temperate waters worldwide including Japan, North America, Australia, and South Africa.

Sandtiger Sharks 572X289

Highly endangered in the wild, this magnificent shark was once hunted ruthlessly under the false impression that it was a potential man-eater because of its large size and mouthful of protruding, snarly-looking teeth. On close examination, however, these teeth are perfectly adapted for holding onto slippery fish, its main prey.

KT STS Shark W Diver High Res

There are no confirmed human fatalities and this species is a top choice for aquariums worldwide due to their rather placid nature.

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