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Explore the Antarctic Ice Adventure

Discover our Sub-antarctic penguin at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's

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Meet the coolest birds in town!

Be amazed at our King and Gentoo Penguins as they swoop and swoon through icy cold seawater. Antarctic Ice Adventure is the Southern Hemisphere's largest display of Sub-antarctic penguin colony as well as being one of the most successful breeding programs on the planet!

Meet these majestic birds

The King is the second largest of the 17 species of Penguin - the largest is the Emperor Penguin. King penguins are easily recognizable by their distinctive yellow markings on their face and black feet. A large penguin, our Kings weigh between 15-20 kgs (averaging 16 kgs) and are about 85-95cms tall! This is about the same as Kings in the wild. Kings are liken to cats, begin far more aloof and graceful.

Meet our playful Gentoos

Our Gentoo penguins weigh between 5 and 7kgs each and are about 75 -90cm tall. This is the same as Gentoos in the wild. A Gentoo is easily recognized by the wide white stripe extending like a bonnet across the top of its head. They have a lifespan of 17-22 years, usually longer in captivity. 

Our penguin keepers describe Gentoo Penguins as being "puppies" - always curious, cheeky and full of personality!

Each penguin has roughly 20,000 feathers that keep them toasty warm and waterproof despite harsh Sub-antarctic conditions.  Rather than losing their feathers gradually, penguins goes through an annual “catastrophic” moult when they lose all their feathers all at once. 
This is a big process for the penguins and takes a lot of energy - during this time they are not waterproof, so wild populations are unable to go out to sea to catch their food. Before a penguin starts their moult, they have to eat as many fish as possible so they can gain enough weight to sustain them for the 3-4 weeks that it takes to replace all their feathers.
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Day in the life of our Penguin Keeper

Take an inside look at the day to day of our penguin colony - from making snow and housekeeping, to penguin quirks and mating!

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