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Beach Clean Up Story

  • Tuesday 12th March 2013

A great story from one of our Young Explorers who helped us at our recent Beach Clean Up!

It reads:

"At the beach clean up I mostly found cigarettes, bread ties and little pieces of plastic, but I also found hairties and plastic spoons once I even found a coke wrapper.

... The weather was grey, cloudy and at the end it began to rain quite hard and we had to stop but still enjoyed it.

Fransesca, Katirina, Mum and I went, mum really enjoyed it like me but Katirina and Francesca didn't as much but we all got the treat at the end.

The treat was a bag with the contents of a key ring penguin, a brochure and a free child pass. They were all really cool.

I think that everyone should help out with cleaning up beaches and stop polluting so we can have a happier, safer marine life which means a happier, safer environment, which means a happier, safer world. But its still only the first step."

Madison Lockyer

Thanks Madison, great work out there! We all appreciate it!