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NEW School Resources

  • Friday 16th January 2015

We know that we have been providing memorable school visits for 30 years, so to celebrate our birthday we are making them even more special.

During SEA WEEK (28 February - 8 March) 2015, we will launch a new page on our website, which will feature downloadable resources which you can help plan your self guided visits to the aquarium, and to help achieve the learning objectives before, during and after your class comes to the aquarium.

The following resources will be downloadable:

  • Amazing Oceans- especially for pre-schoolers, with adult-led kinaesthetic activities for small groups.

  • Years 1 - 8: Habitats & Adaptations - the different marine creature habitats.

  • Years 1 - 8: Food Chains & Ecosystems-ways certain marine creatures depend on each other.

  • Years 1 - 8: Behaviour- how different animals act and why.

  • Years 1 - 8: Conservation- threats facing marine creatures and what we can do to help.

Watch this space or contact our Education Team on 09 531 - 5145 for more information!