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Our Valentine's Day King Chick has a name!

  • Monday 12th April 2021
  • Penguins, Competition

King Chick 2021

A huge thank you to all of you who have submitted your name suggestions.  We have received over 500 entries; our team have thoroughly enjoyed reading through all your entries.


After much deliberation, our team have selected the name >>> Diamond


The winner is 7 years old Carlos who has chosen this name because 'Diamond' was the name of his stuffed penguin toy who has been with him throughout his two bone marrow transplants for a rare blood immune disorder.  


We hope our new addition will also be a great friend and companion to all our Kings and Gentoo Penguins at our enclosure, just like 'Diamond' was to Carlos.  

For all of you who have submitted your entries, you will be contacted by our team in the coming week and be emailed your memorabilia.



It's still early days, but we have a second king chick hatched on St. Patrick's Day! Be the first to see these chicks these school holidays!  Click to book your visit now