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Amazing Creations

Create your own sea creature and watch it swim
Amazing Creation

Bring your imagination to life

Amazing creations turns your imagination into reality!

At Amazing Creations, you can create your own sea creature and watch it swim. Your creature will spring to life in a tank right in front of you, before swimming off to join other colourful creations on a huge interactive projection wall.

Every masterpiece will come to life in a tank alongside bright and colourful fish, which reflect the display's four themes - Spots, Stripes, Shapes and Colour.

When visiting the room, you will learn more about why these fantastic features exist in nature. You will also find out about important conservation issues facing coral reefs, home to many of the world's most vibrant fish. 

The Amazing Creations room is fully accessible and adapted for wheelchair users. Like the rest of the attraction, there is varying levels of lighting and music in the room - please be prepared if this is a concern.