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SEA Life News

Dining Under The Sea
  • Thursday 14th May 2015

Sustainable Friday fish supper

Divers at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium urge fish lovers make this Friday's fish supper sustainable

Sea Dragon
  • Wednesday 25th March 2015

Fire-breathing sea dragons?

Fish fingers are real fish, penguins can fly and sea dragons breathe fire...

Gentoo Penguin Diving
  • Monday 15th December 2014

Sprout amnesty for giant green sea turtles Boris and Phoenix

Greedy Boris, a rare Green Sea turtle at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium (named by the Mayor of London himself), received his favourite festive feast today, a tiered platter of sprouts served by a besuited under-waiter Garçon.

Halloween Pumpkin Trail
  • Monday 27th October 2014

Halloween pumpkin trail

From 27th October to 2nd November the SEA LIFE London Aquarium will be celebrating Halloween by challenging young guests to spot some intricately hand-carved pumpkins featuring marvellous marine inspired designs.

Baby Poison Frog
  • Wednesday 18th June 2014

Poison dart frog baby born

Aquarists at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium are sizing up a brightly coloured miniature new addition to their Poison Dart frog family – the first to be born at the aquarium following a successful breeding programme.

Pop Up Jellyfish
  • Thursday 22nd May 2014

Pop-up jellyfish display is a load of rubbish!

The SEA LIFE London Aquarium has launched a temporary new display of serenely floating jellyfish – each made entirely of used plastic bags – in time for World Turtle Day on Friday 23rd May. The unusual display has been created to highlight the dangers facing turtles and other marine life from plastic bag pollution, which is estimated to kill millions of marine animals annually.

Japanese Spider crab
  • Saturday 15th February 2014

Crusty creatures of the deep star in new special exhibition

An invasion of the crustacean kind is expected at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium in February 2014 as a new exhibition featuring some stunning species of crabs opens. CLAWS will bring together a spectacular collection of the “B-movie monsters” of the marine world from the gigantic Japanese Spider crab (which can grow to 12 feet long) to the humble blue lobster.

Scout sleep in
  • Thursday 12th September 2013

Scout Sleep-in

Each year, 100 million sharks are slaughtered for their fins – a rate at which they simply cannot survive – and shark charity Bite Back estimate that unless action is taken, 20 species could be extinct by 2017. So last night, a courageous group of 55 cub scouts – all just 8-10 years old – took a stand and staged a ‘sleep-in’ at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium, sleeping with 15 sharks nestled sardine-like in the dark shadows of the massive Shark Reef Encounter display.

Penguin Moulting Season
  • Wednesday 7th August 2013

Penguin Moulting Season arrives

Feathers fly as penguin moulting season arrives