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Asian Longhorned Beetle

Invasive Species in Michigan

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What is it?

The Asian Longhorned Beetle is on Michigan's Invasive Species watch list and is prohibited. It is a large, glossy black insect with with white spots. Adults range from .75 to 1.25 inches in length, not including the very long black and white antennae. They're typically visible between late spring and the first hard frost in the fall and are often in the tree canopy.

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Impacting Local Habitats

The Asian Longhorned Beetle has destroyed tens of thousands of trees, but especially likes to nest in Maple trees. Some of the other species that it attacks are poplar, willow, sycamore and horse chestnut.

Asian Longhorned Beetle 600X600

What to do

Look at trees, especially maples, with dying branches. If you see the characteristic exit holes in the large branches or the trunks, there may be an infestation. If you see a suspect tree or beetle, take photos and report it to the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development at or 800-292-3939.