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ALL NEW Amazing Creations

  • Thursday 3rd November 2016

Featuring technology never before seen in New Zealand, all new Amazing Creations, in association with Crayola, will officially open at Kelly Tarlton's on December 1

Amazing Creations brings your imagination to life! Create your very own sea creature, scan it and watch it swim to life in front of you among colourful and vibrant tropical fish, before swimming onto a massive interactive projection wall.

Be inspired by spotty, stripey, colourful and magical creatures as you create your masterpiece, with colourful displays with stunning backdrops throughout the area.

Many of the world's most colourful marine creatures come from coral reefs, a fragile environment which needs our help to survive. Find out what you can do to protect this vulnerable area and the world's oceans.

Visitors will also learn more about the beautiful animals on display and the power of colours and shapes in the ocean - some of our best known fish are in fact hiding a deadly secret beneath their colourful scales!

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