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Kelly Tarlton's Memorial for Isaac

  • Friday 10th April 2015

At Kelly Tarlton's we want all of our visitors to love our animals as much as we do, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our youngest visitors fall in love with our creatures before our eyes. One day we received an email with such a sad story, we wanted to do what we could to help.

This is from Isaac's Mum:

My 5 year old son Isaac passed away last year, one week before his 6th birthday having been diagnosed with cancer 4 months earlier and unfortunately caught a rare fungal infection which he was unable to fight off.

Isaac was crazy about Kelly Tarlton's and has I think since he was 3 years old had the yearly pass. Our last trip to Kelly Tarlton's was in December 2013 (just before Isaac started chemotherapy).

Isaac was hugely into saving sharks and anything marine - he wanted to write to the Prime Minister to get people to stop hunting sharks and whales!

It will be the one year anniversary of Isaac's death on 6 April this year (his birthday is 12 April) and I am trying to find some way to mark this event.

On April 7, we named one of our Sandtiger Sharks (pictured) Isaac, in memory of a brave little boy who loved sharks. We're so sorry about his family's tragic loss, and we hope that knowing his memory lives on in one of the creatures he loved so much is some small comfort to them.