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Learn Maori with Kelly Tarlton's

  • Wednesday 6th July 2016

Kia Ora!

Did you know the Maori word for Penguin? or Turtle?

To celebrate Maori Language Week we're sharing the Maori names for some of our favourite animals here at Kelly Tarlton's.

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  • Fish = ika
  • Octopus = wheke
  • Stingray = whai
  • Penguin = Kororā
  • Jellyfish - Tepetepe
  • Shark - Mangō/Mako
  • Snapper - Tāmure
  • Turtle - Honu
  • Crayfish - Kōura
  • Eel - Tuna
  • Seahorse - Manaia

We're also proud to display one of New Zealand's most iconic creatures, the Tuatara, whose name means 'Spiny Back'.

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