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Merlin's Magic Wand Sensory Morning

  • Monday 29th June 2020

Everyone loves wondering through Kelly Tarlton's and admiring the marine life, a visit to the aquarium should be an exciting, fun, and truly memorable experience! On a regular day, this may not be the case for individuals with additional needs and their families. Loud noises, bright lighting, and crowds can be overwhelming for some - rather than a care-free day out, it can result in feelings of anxiety and stress.

We truly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience Kelly Tarlton's in a way that suits them and their needs, and we were so excited to host our first post-lockdown Sensory Morning through Merlin's Magic Wand! For this event, we wanted to create a calming atmosphere. We opened early with dimmed lighting, music turned off and a limited capacity to ensure there would be no overcrowding. There were 125 free tickets released, which were all reserved in less than 4 hours!

During the event, it was overwhelmed how many wonderful experiences were being had by the guests. Families commented that they would rarely feel comfortable attempting a visit during normal opening hours, and children on the autism spectrum felt at ease spending long periods of time enjoying the animals rather than rushing through. These events are so valuable and  important to the community - we can't wait to host our next one!

Merlin's Magic Wand is a children's charity that supports children facing challenges of serious illness, disability, or adversity. Every child deserves to laugh, enjoy, and cherish memorable experiences - and it's our mission to work together to achieve this! If you have or know of a child facing such challenges, you can apply for a day out through Merlin's Magic wand. Whether that's to visit Kelly Tarlton's, or perhaps an overseas Merlin Entertainment's attraction, you can apply for a free day out through the website