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The Last 55 - World Oceans Day 2014

  • Thursday 5th June 2014

To celebrate World Oceans Day, this Sunday June 8, Kelly Tarlton’s SEA LIFE Aquarium is lending its voice to the plight of Maui’s dolphins – the world’s rarest and littlest-known dolphin species.


Found off the west coast of the North Island, it is estimated there are only 55 Maui’s dolphins left in the world. Given this sad reality just off our shores, Kelly Tarlton’s is doing its bit to support the dolphins’ preservation with a special deal for customers this weekend.


The first 55 people to enter Kelly Tarlton’s on Saturday June 7 and Sunday June 8 will receive 55% off the cost of entry, with the remainder of the admission fee donated to ‘The Last 55’– a WWF campaign to raise awareness and support for Maui’s dolphins and save the remaining 55 of this beautiful species.


Kelly Tarlton’s GM, Phil McGowan, says, “World Oceans Day, on 8 June, is an opportunity to both celebrate the sea and shine the spotlight on the many species in need of protection.


“We encourage people to come along this weekend to show their support for this special species, and also enjoy World Oceans Day, taking in the many marvels of our underwater world,” says Phil.


WWF Marine Species Advocate, Milena Palka, adds, “It’s great to have Kelly Tarlton’s support to save these amazing animals.  Everyone can help by going to and signing the petition to let our political leaders know they need to take action to save this precious species. For details about ‘The Last 55’ campaign, visit


Image: Steve Dawson