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Bay of Rays

Come and watch our skillful gliders.

How many types can you spot?

See a collection of gliding rays, from the sleek sting rays to the amazing cownose rays as they smoothly sail through the seawater tank. These happy little creatures are great to watch as they glide over your head in the Ocean Tunnel.

Facts about Rays

The superorder Batoidea includes various species of rays, such as stingrays, electric rays, skates, guitarfish, and sawfish. Similar to sharks, their close relatives, these creatures have skeletons composed of durable connective tissue called cartilage. Some rays have blunt teeth or bony plates that they use to crush their prey, although this term is a misnomer since rays do not have bones, but rather cartilage. Rays often hide themselves in sand or soft sediment, and their grayish-brown and mottled coloration helps them blend in with their surroundings.

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