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Playful Seals!

Meet some of our resident seals of Seal Island.

Prepare for Seal-iness

As if there wasn't already enough fun at Seal Island with daily presentations, you can get even closer! Have a close look at our playful seals underneath the water. Discover the true sight, smell and sound of our seals through the fun and educational interactives located at Lower Seal Island as you watch and learn about our resident seals. This is the best way to really watch their agility, speed and natural behavior under water. 


Get Closer than ever

Amazing Seal Experiences and Seal Photo are available. 

Girl Swim with Seal at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

After each seal presentation, we offer the opportunity to come and say, "Hello", to our furry friends and have your photograph taken. You can book the seal photo upon arrival or right after the seal presentation. 

There are also a number of other interactive seal experiences available daily! 

  • Seal Swim
  • Seal Encounter
  • Seal Trainer for a Day

Find out more about our Sunshine Coast Seal Experiences below.

Seal on rock - Seal Show at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

Fun Facts about Seals

Did you know that seals are often referred to as the puppies of the ocean? It’s not just a coincidence that both seals and puppies have big, beautiful eyes, whiskered snouts and playful and inquisitive personalities. Read on to find out what they share in common plus more fun facts about seals.

  • What do seals and dogs have in common? Believe it or not, there's a scientific theory that says seals are related to dogs through evolution! Fascinating, right? It says that a prehistoric, dog-like land mammal began to occasionally hunt for food in shallow waters, then in streams and lakes and, over time, began to transform and develop physical attributes to enable them to survive in the sea. Still to this day, it can be hard to tell the difference between the skulls of certain types of seals, like the Leopard Seal, and large dogs at first glance. 
  • Seals are expert divers! Elephant Seals can hold their breath for up to TWO HOURS! But how? Well, seals have more blood in their bodies than any other animal and, since oxygen is stored and carried around the body in blood, it allows them to hold their breath for an extra long time. When they dive in search for food, they can also decrease their heart rate by 50-80%. This means Elephant Seals are able to dive up to 900 metres.

  • Seals are nappers! Unlike humans, seals sleep is short bursts and can take their naps on both land and in the water. It's a convenient skill to have when choosing the best place to close your eyes and avoid dangers. When its warm or they have pups, some seal species tend to choose land for sleeping. When seals choose a watery snooze, they sleep in a position known as bottling. This is where they float entirely underwater except for their snout, allowing them to continue breathing. Some seal species sleep completely submerged, close to the surface of the water, and can close their nostrils to avoid drowning. Pretty clever!

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Jump in with one of our resident seals

  • Jump in for a truly unique swim experience with our resident seals (min. age 13)
  • Take home one free professional photo memento
  • Includes aquarium admission
Seal Conservation

The SEA LIFE Pledge

At SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, we are committed to protecting Australia's unique aquatic animals and their habitats.

Everything we do is about celebrating the sea. We're passionate about preserving marine habitats and protecting the incredible species that live in them. Marine conservation is at the heart of everything we do- supporting projects across the world that inspire more people to care.

Please make sure to put trash in its place, as wind and rain can carry litter to our streams and our streams feed our oceans.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!