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Seahorse Kingdom

Discover the wonders of Seahorse Kingdom at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

We are thrilled to unveil our latest masterpiece – the spectacularly redesigned Seahorse Kingdom! Dive into the enchanting world of seahorses and experience the magic of our new Atlantis-themed exhibit. Get ready for a journey filled with fun, mystery, and the extraordinary!

There is so much to explore

More than 100 Seahorses: Seahorse Kingdom boasts a stunning display of over 100 seahorses, showcasing various species.

Atlantis-Themed Wonderland: Immerse yourself in the magic of our Atlantis-themed exhibit – one of the largest seahorse exhibits in Australia. Let the mysteries of the deep unfold as you explore the mesmerising underwater world!

Interactive Delights: Your journey doesn't stop at observation! Seahorse Kingdom offers multiple interactive experiences for guests to enjoy. Dive into the world of seahorses through engaging activities that bring you closer to these charming creatures.

We love seahorses

Seahorses are fascinating animals, captivating people with their unique appearance and intriguing behaviors. Here are some interesting facts about seahorses that highlight their uniqueness:

Unusual Body Shape: Seahorses have a distinctive appearance with a horse-like head, long snout, and a prehensile tail. Unlike most fish, they swim upright.

Slow Swimmers: Despite their seemingly delicate appearance, seahorses are not strong swimmers. They move at a very slow pace by fluttering their dorsal fin.

Dad's the Babysitter: In the seahorse world, it's the males that become pregnant! After a courtship dance, the female transfers her eggs to a special pouch on the male's abdomen. He then carries and nurtures the developing seahorse embryos.

Monogamous Relationships: Seahorses are known for forming monogamous pairs that mate for life. During the breeding season, they engage in daily courtship rituals, including holding tails and dancing together.

Conservation Concerns: Seahorses are at risk due to habitat destruction, overfishing, and the demand for them in traditional Chinese medicine and more. Conservation efforts are crucial to protect these unique creatures. Recognizing the urgency of this issue, we are eager to share the love of seahorses with the world through our new and improved exhibit.

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Fun facts about seahorses

Did you know that seahorses are not just creatures of fairy tales? They can actually be found in oceans around the globe! With their distinct features like quirky colours and delicate details, they are definitely a sight to see in the water. However, their small size often means they go unnoticed by ocean explorers. Here are some fun facts about seahorses: 

  1. They are classified as fish.
  2. The smallest seahorse measures only 14mm in length.
  3. During reproduction, male seahorses carry the eggs.
  4. Seahorses like long-term relationships.
  5. Seahorses are terrible swimmers.
  6. Seahorses don’t have stomachs, but they have big appetites.
  7. Seahorses are masters of disguise.
  8. There are more than 50 different species of seahorse.
  9. Seahorses are found on every continent… except Antarctica.
  10. Seahorses need our help.

Join us on this exciting adventure

Seahorse Kingdom is not just an exhibit; it's a magical journey waiting to be explored. Come witness the charm of seahorses in a setting like no other. SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast welcomes you to an underwater world where fun meets mystery, excitement meets friendliness, and every moment is filled with engaging surprises.

Don't miss out – plan your visit today and be part of the Seahorse Kingdom adventure!


Colouring in sheet

Download a free colouring in sheet of Mia the seahorse right here

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