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Discover Our Amazing Animals

With thousands of spectacular aquatic creatures, you're sure to be mesmerised by our underwater world exhibits. In the heart of Mooloolaba, you'll find hundreds of marine species throughout SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast's themed aquarium habitat zones including our brand new Penguins, our famous Ocean TunnelSeal Island and the Tidal Touchpool.

Discover more about the amazing creatures you'll find at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium by clicking the buttons below.

Seals and Relatives

Meet some of our resident seals of Seal Island


See these creatures up close as they swim above and around you at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast's 80 metre long Ocean Tunnel.


Come and watch our skillful gliders

Jellyfish Species

See these majestic animals up close at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast's Jellyfish Kingdom, marvel at their infinite colours, graceful motion and ghost-like forms.

Sea Stars and Sea Urchins

Roll up your sleeves and get in touch with a sea star

Sea Horses and Relatives

Discover our seahorse species and their relatives

Pacific Reef Fish

See our stunningly vibrant Clownfish and more

Coral Reef Fish

See amazingly colourful Lionfish more

Little Blue Penguins

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is now home to a delightful colony of little penguins, with a brand new interactive exhibit across 2 levels


Rescue, Rehab and Release

Explore SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast's Exhibits