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Jawsome sharks at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

See these creatures up close as they swim above and around you at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast's 80 metre long Ocean Tunnel.

Discover some of our sharks!

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is home to 11 different species of sharks and the only place in Queensland where you can see the critically endangered and majestic Grey Nurse Sharks. Pop in for a visit and meet our resident sharks, Pallas, Patches and Huey and see these truly fascinating creatures up close as they swim above and around you in our 80 metre long Ocean Tunnel.

Interesting fact about about sharks - SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

Fascinating Facts About Sharks

Are you interested in learning more about sharks? Check out some fascinating facts about these incredible creatures of the deep that you may not have known before.

Firstly, sharks don't have bones like most animals. Instead, their skeletons are made from cartilage, which is similar to what our noses and ears are made of. This unique feature makes their skeletons lighter, allowing them to be naturally buoyant and swim without sinking or rising.

Secondly, did you know that you can find ancient shark teeth in our oceans? Sharks constantly lose their teeth throughout their lifetime, and they can go through thousands of them. Due to the quick decomposition of their cartilage-based skeletons, the only remains often left behind after death are the shark's teeth. As a result, most known shark fossils are only of shark teeth. Learn more fun facts about sharks

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