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Finding Dory and Friends: The Experience!

Help Dory find her friends

Help Dory to find her friends in this interactive journey through the ocean

Created with Disney•Pixar, the new experience features interactive magical moments from the box-office smash hit, Finding Dory. Throughout the interactive journey at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, a Pipe Pals trail will guide and surprise with tales of amazing underwater animals, leading guests into Dory’s Reef.

Finding Dory Wide North

At a glance

Experience fun activities including:

  • Ridin’ the EAC with Crush 

Help Crush and his friends to reach the EAC by challenging your friends and family to see who is the strongest and fastest. 

  • Nemo’s Anemone Challenge

Visitors can challenge their friends and family to see who can reach immunity the quickest in Nemo’s Anemone Race! Racing through the anemone and building resistance, just like clownfish in the wild.

  • Using the echo locator in Bailey’s Maze

Guests can help their friends journey through the maze by encouraging them through a fun network of communication pipes.


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