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SEA LIFE's ultimate virtual reality experience!

Virtual Reality Experience

SEA LIFE's ultimate virtual reality experience!
Sea Life Glow 11 (170)

Experience Virtual Reality below the surface!

Experience the ocean from a whole new angle with our immersive Virtual Reality experience! Choose from  different ocean and sea creature themed experiences as you take a virtual journey below the surface!
Don't miss our VR pods inside the aquarium, located opposite Adventurers Cafe.


Just $15 per person, or $25 for two people, per experience! Annual Pass holder discounts apply.
Purchase at the entrance to the VR Experience. Accepts card payments only, no cash. 

Operates 11:00-4:00pm* on weekends, School & Public Holidays and 11:30-3:30pm* on weekdays.
*Operating hours are subject to change.

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VR Experiences Available

Sealifeglow 10 (72)

Shark Dive

Shark Dive follows the search for an underwater strip called Tiger Beach where huge tiger sharks can be found. This video is a close-up experience of tiger sharks in their natural habitat, far from the influence of humans. 

VR Hygiene Protocol

The health and safety of our guests is our top priority and we have a clear protocol in place to keep our equipment clean and safe. 

  • The headset, seat and hand rests are wiped down with a disposable anti-viral disinfectant wipe before each new guest. 
  • Each guest is provided with a disposable protective hygiene mask to wear under the headset. 
  • The headset, seat and hand rests are wiped down again with an anti-viral disinfectant wipe after each guest. 

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy your experience.