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Accessibility Guide

PLEASE NOTE: Pram parking is currently unavailable.

All Welcome

At SEA LIFE Melbourne we strive to make our attraction as accessible as possible to all of our guests. The following information is designed to answer any questions you may have on your upcoming visit

Visitors with reduced mobility

Wheelchair Access SEA LIFE Melbourne provides people in wheelchairs full access to all exhibits. Each floor of the aquarium is accessible via either a lift or ramp.

Visitors with Visual Impairments

SEA LIFE Melbourne is a completely accessible venue.

Carer and Companions

Anyone accompanying a person with a disability and holding a valid carer or companion card is entitled to free entry. Please present your card upon arrival.

How to book a ticket for a Carer

To book in a Carer, please head to our tickets page where you will find the 'Time Slot Pre-Book' option, underneath General Admission. Select 'Time Slot Pre-Book' and follow through the prompts to select a time/date and secure your visit. 

You will need to use 'General Admission' to purchase admission tickets for anyone who is not a Carer.


Wheelchair Access SEA LIFE Melbourne provides people in wheelchairs full access to all exhibits. Each floor of the aquarium is accessible via either a lift or ramp.

Wheelchairs may be borrowed from the admissions area if required.

Please note that wheelchairs are on a first come, first served basis, and cannot be booked or reserved ahead of time. You will be required to leave your ID behind while you use the wheelchair


If you would prefer your visit to be less crowded and loud, we recommend you visit during the week (outside of school holidays), or any day after 2pm. With the attraction being open until 5pm this allow you plenty of time to enjoy the full benefits the attraction has to offer.

We also have noise cancelling head phones available upon entry. These are subject to availability. 

For your information, there will be varying levels of lighting and music throughout the attraction to enhance the visit - please be prepared if this is a concern.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs and Assistance Animals are permitted in accordance with section 9 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth). We reserve the right to exercise any exemptions under the Act, including if we suspect that the assistance animal has an infectious disease that may affect other patrons or the health of our animals. We also reserve the right to require evidence relating to your assistance animal or its training in accordance with section 54A(5) of the Act. To facilitate your ease of entry with an assistance animal, we strongly recommended you contact us at least 2 days prior to your visit so that we can discuss any arrangements or assistance that you may need from us.

Toilets and Family Facilities

There are accessible toilets available for your convenience which are located at the entrance to the aquarium and at the exit near the gift shop.

There are changing facilities located in both the ladies bathroom and the accessible bathroom.


Bench seating (without back or armrests) is available at intervals throughout the aquarium.

Emergency Exits

The emergency exits are accessible and hazard free. There are audible fire alerting devices.

The assembly areas are on an accessible route. Our staff are on hand to assist with evacuation requirements

Social Script

Download your social scripts in preparation for your visit...

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If you have any questions about Accessibility at SEA LIFE Melbounre, or any other questions whatsoever ahead of your visit, please contact us.