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Melbourne's Mega Crocodile

Come fact to face with one of Australia's biggest crocodiles!

  • SEA LIFE, Crocodile Lair

One of the Australia's Biggest Crocodiles 

Measuring in at just under 6 metres and weighing over 750kg, Pinjarra, our 65-year-old male Saltwater Crocodile is a spectacular sight to behold!

Our Mega Croc, Pinjarra, will not only make you gasp, "WOW!", he helps our team at SEA LIFE to further educate guests on the ecological significance of the Saltwater Crocodile and the need for conservation. Saltwater Crocodiles are essential in maintaining the diversity of wetlands. As an apex predator, they prevent the degradation of ecosystems by preventing overpopulation. Saltwater crocs almost went extinct in the 1970’s due to poaching, however, now thanks to breeding programs and protection laws, they are now listed as least concern

Crocodile Fun Fact - SEA LIFE Melbourne

Crocodile Fun Fact

Have you ever seen a crocodile resting on land with its mouth open? Believe it or not, baring its teeth like this isn't a sign of an angry crocodile. Crocodiles will often show this type of behaviour in the hot Summer months. They can't cool down like we do by sweating, so they do it by circulating cooler air around their mouths similar to how dogs pant.

There's nothing better than seeing an awe-inspiring creature like a crocodile up close. Come and meet Pinjarra face-to-face at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium!

World Crocodile Day 

Join the global celebration on June 17th as conservationists, researchers, and wildlife enthusiasts unite to honour the powerful and majestic creatures of the crocodile family. World Crocodile Day is a thrilling occasion to shed light on the incredible predators and emphasise the significance of their conservation efforts. With species ranging from the Nile crocodile in Africa to the saltwater crocodile in Australia, these ancient beasts have fascinated humans for centuries. Discover more about the electrifying World Crocodile Day!

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