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Our Amazing Animals

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is home to thousands of mesmorising marine creatures, right in the heart of Melbourne's CBD! There's no better Melbourne attraction to spend the day.

You'll spend hours exploring our underwater exhibits across 12 themed zones from shark spotting at Shipwreck Explorer to watching our cheeky penguins dive into the water at Penguin PlaygroundDiscover more about the underwater animals you'll find at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, click the images below.

King and Gentoo Penguins

Watch our King and Gentoo Penguin species interact, slip, slide and swim around!

SEA LIFE, Penguin Playground


Descend into the mysteriously fascinating world of jellyfish

SEA LIFE, Ocean Invaders


Discover the sharks at SEA LIFE

SEA LIFE, Mermaid Garden

Melbourne's Mega Crocodile

Come Face to Face

SEA LIFE, Crocodile Lair

Seahorses and relatives

Discover our seahorse species and their relatives

SEA LIFE, Seahorse Pier

Sea Stars (AKA Starfish)

Discover these brainless creatures

SEA LIFE, Mangroves and Rockpools

Tropical Reef Fish

Meet our Clownfish, Blue Tangs and Lion Fish!

SEA LIFE, Coral Atoll

Ocean Fish Species

Discover them all

SEA LIFE, Coral Atoll

Rays and Sawfish

Meet the Locals

SEA LIFE, Shipwreck Explore

Rainforest Creatures

Lizards, turtles, mudskippers, frogs

SEA LIFE, Rainforest Adventure