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Seahorses and Relatives

Delicate and majestic

  • SEA LIFE, Seahorse Pier

Discover our species

SEA LIFE Melbourne Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy & Weedy Sea Dragons

Masters of mimicry, sea dragons are decorated by seaweed like appendages that help them to blend in with their leafy environment. As well as looking like seaweed, sea dragons also move in a similar swaying motion as seaweed would if caught in a current. This nifty trick allows the sea dragon to sneak up on prey and also to appear virtually invisible to predators. This type of camouflage is called ‘mimicry’.

Mike Melbourne 776

Giant Cuttlefish

Like their close relatives the squid and octopus, cuttlefish are alien-like creatures with some seriously strange adaptations. Cuttlefish use amazing colour and texture changes to impress mating partners, mesmerise prey and evade predators. This incredible species can perfectly camouflage into their surroundings using thousands of tiny cells in their skin, even though they are colour blind!

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