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Ocean Fish Species

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  • SEA LIFE, Oceanarium
Australian Mado - Australian fish in SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Australian Mado

The silver bodied and black striped Australian mado is native to the east coast of Australia extending from southern Queensland to Tasmania. Growing up to a maximum size of 25cm in length, the mado is typically found amongst coastal reefs and its diet consists of algae, plankton and small crustaceans.

Bluestripe Snapper in SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Bluestripe Snapper

A vibrant yellow fish with striking blue lines the Bluestripe snapper is found as far south as Sydney in the east and around the north of Australia to Perth in the west. Juvenlines prefer shallower waters, including seagrass beds and protected bays, while adults can be found around outer reefs, often in large schools.

Golden Trevally in SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Golden Trevally

This giant species of trevally (caranx ignobilis) is a tropical species that is found throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This particular species loves to swim in schools, you will find them hanging out together in the deepest part of the aquarium - the Oceanarium. 


Do you know this?

Did you know that juvenile golden trevally or kingfish have a unique symbiotic relationship with larger fish, such as sharks? They will even approach divers! To escape predators, they can often be found living among jellyfish tentacles. If you're interested in learning more fascinating fish facts, click here

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