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Sea Stars (AKA Starfish)

Discover these brainless creatures

  • SEA LIFE, Mangroves and Rockpools

Discover the stars of the sea

There are some 2,000 species of Sea stars worldwide, from tropical habitats to the cold seafloor. The five-arm varieties of sea star are the most common, however there are species with 10, 20 and even 40 arms that exist. They have bony, calcified skin, which protects them from most predators, and many wear striking colors that camouflage them or scare off potential attackers. Purely marine animals, there are no freshwater sea stars, and only a few live in brackish water.

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Deadly Crown of Thorns

These spiked creatures are unfortunately eating up coral communities including the Great Barrier Reef. The reef needs our help and some thing we can do to make a difference... to drive less, reduce the use of air-conditioning and source electricity from renewable retailers

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Sea star habitat and adaptations

You will find sea stars in most parts of the ocean, including rockpools, reefs, sea grass, and can be even found 9000m below the sand! Sea stars travel with their tubular feet. They don't have a brain or a heart!

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Who are we?

Despite their common name - starfish, these creatures are not actually fish at all. This is why the experts prefer to call them sea stars. Sea stars are part of a species called invertebrates that have no backbone. Other marine creatures that fit into this category are sea urchins and sea sponges.

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