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8 Pieces of Life Advice From a Seal

  • Thursday 25th July 2019

Hey, hello, g’day! Groucho here, from SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast (formally Underwater World.) Or, as I like to call it, SEAL LIFE! You see, I’m a seal! Surprise! Here’s how I make every day fun – and you can too!

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast offers a variety of unique and amazing experiences to get up close and personal with one of our seals. Please click on the link below. 


Your senses help you enjoy the world. What can you touch, taste, smell, see and hear? My whiskers help me find food in the water. That’s because I can feel the vibration when fish are close by. You’d look really funny with whiskers! But if you have a dog or a cat – watch how they use their whiskers to sense the world.

Nap Time

Oh yeah! There’s nothing I love better than a good nap. I don’t go to bed and sleep all night; I get my rest in a series of short naps. Sometimes, I even sleep underwater! When it’s time for your nap, imagine you’re swimming with seals, floating around in a big blue swimming pool. It’s so relaxing!

Keep Calm

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m an expert diver. All seals are! We’ve developed a unique way to store oxygen in our muscles, with extra blood to carry oxygen to our brain. By keeping calm and reducing our heart rate, we can stay underwater for a very long time! So when you feel stressed, think peaceful thoughts.

Happy Eating

When you eat well, you feel well! So feel like a seal, and eat foods with healthy fats. We seals have a layer of blubber under our skin, which acts as a warm jacket. It gets cold in the sea, so we need protection! To stay healthy, we eat fish, which is full of good oils and fats. Fish is good for humans too. Eat what’s right for your body, and you can’t go wrong!


The only thing better than a nap or a snack is going outside into the sunshine. Seals like to lie on a big rock; it’s called ‘basking.’ Because we spend so much time underwater, we need a daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. Wear your sunscreen if you’re going outside because humans burn easily. I don’t want to see you red and shiny like a lobster!


I have to be honest – we seals look a bit silly on land. Our flippers are too short for walking! But in the water, we’re fast, agile and very skilled. It’s important to find your strengths. Here’s a clue – it’s usually something you enjoy doing. Everyone’s good at something, so be yourself, and keep trying! A seal always looks for the positive.

Family Time

In the wild, seals live in colonies. There can be hundreds of seals living together in a single place! There’s not always much room, so we snuggle up together, like puppies. Look at our faces – we look like sea-puppies! Sharing your home with people you love makes life awesome. Care for each other and be kind. That way, the love and kindness will come back to you!

Making Friends

Meet me on Seal Island, at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium! We do presentations every day at 11am and 1pm. Book a ‘Seal Swim,’ and swim with us in the pool or spend some quality, close-up time with us as ‘Seal Trainer for a Day.’ You can also have a ‘Seal Encounter,’ and hang out with us for chats and pats.

Hope to ‘seal’ you soon at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast! Love, Groucho.

If you would like to learn more about our seals, please follow the below link: