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Are you ready for some Seal-yness?

  • Thursday 31st May 2018

Well, here is your chance. 

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast offers intimate, hands-on seal experiences like no other. There are three encounters to choose from.

  1. Seal Swim: You have the opportunity to make a splash and go swimming with the seals while experiencing their behaviours during the Seal Swim.
  2. Seal Encounter: If you’d prefer to keep dry, you can also meet the lovable resident seals by booking a Seal Encounter – the experience includes entry into SEA LIFE and photo opportunities.
  3. Seal Trainer for a Day: Feel like getting to know the beautiful seals even more? Here is your chance with our Seal Trainer for a Day experience, where you can truly come face to flipper with our seals.

It's a great activity for kids and families on the Sunshine Coast. 

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Seal you soon.