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Bye Pumpkin!

  • Thursday 16th October 2014

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Today the animal health team at SEA LIFE Mooloolaba joined efforts with Australia Zoo and released a rehabilitated green turtle back into the Pacific Ocean, marking the end of a four month journey of recovery the team shared with the turtle, affectionately known as Pumpkin.


Pumpkin was brought into SEA LIFE Mooloolaba's Turtle Hospital on June 2 after being found by a member of the public at Rainbow Beach.  Pumpkin had a fishing line wrapped around its flipper and hanging out of its mouth.


After assessing Pumpkin's needs, the animal health team at SEA LIFE Mooloolaba transferred the turtle to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for surgery where the fishing line was removed.  Unfortunately, despite the surgical team's best efforts, Pumpkin's flipper had suffered too much damage to be saved, and it had to be removed. 


However, Pumpkin proved to be one tough turtle and after responding well to surgery, headed back to SEA LIFE Mooloolaba for additional rehabilitation.


Today, after months of caring for the turtle, the team took Pumpkin home to the ocean. Pumpkin has been fitted with a satelite tag so that we can all monitor and track the progress of this beautiful turtle.


Pumpkin is another success story for SEA LIFE Mooloolaba, which has been caring for sick and injured turtles for over 24 years and also saw a new turtle hospital open in 2014 for our guests to see the great work our team do on a daily basis. The turtle hospital can be viewed as part of the daily behind the scenes tours, which can be booked at reception upon arrival to the attraction.