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Hands-on Learning with Sea Life Sunshine Coast

  • Wednesday 10th April 2019

At SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast (formerly Underwater World) we know hands-on learning is best. When you learn by doing, you retain more information and at the same time, feel more empowered, which makes you want to keep learning. Experiential learning also helps grow your critical thinking skills; here, your curiosity is met by experts with real-world knowledge, who can answer all your questions. Besides all these benefits, it’s just more fun; our hands-on learning allows weird and wonderful sea creatures to jump off the page, into your experience.


SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Tidal Touch Pools

In this aquarium zone, you can touch some incredible marine animals like a slimy sea cucumber or a sea star, under supervision. So roll up your sleeves and get wet! In this interactive touch pool display, see our sea stars and shark eggs, which live in local tide pools, and have a hands-on connection to the way they look and feel. Here are some animals you’ll come across:

Thorny Sea Star
Found in the oceans of the Indo Pacific, these stars get their name from the rows of thorns that run down their back. The dark lumps you can see are there to scare predators away.

Blue Sea Star
Found mostly in shallow waters, these stars get their vivid blue body from a blue pigment called linckiacyanin. They can grow up to 30-40 cm in diameter.


Expert Education Team

While you’re getting to know the animals in our tidal touch pool, our educators and always on hand to teach you all about our spectacular marine life. Bursting with knowledge, facts, figures and stories, our team can field any question you might have about our shark eggs, sea slugs and all manner of sea stars. Prepare to go home knowing much more than you did before.


Educational Seal Experiences

If you’re enjoying your interactive day, continue your hands-on experience at Seal Island. Here, if you’re aged 13+, you can jump in the water for a swim session with our seals. Meet one of our stunning seals, have a pat and feel their fur, then have your photo taken with your new fishy-breathed friend. Our team will show you how they feed and care for our seals – so feel free to ask them anything.



Learning is better when you’re participating. Our entire attraction is set up for getting to know our vast variety of underwater creatures in a way that puts you in their world so you can discover them in your way.